Vince McMahon fired Paul Heyman as Executive Director of WWE RAW. There is a reason behind that and it doesn’t have to do with how they feel about each other. Click here for that huge rumor killer.

Heyman was focusing on younger Superstars during a pandemic. It just wasn’t the right time to do this in front of zero live fans and an impatient Vince McMahon backstage expecting immediate results.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer went into more detail about why Vince McMahon was thinking in the way he did. A guy like Randy Orton for example has immediate star power that doesn’t need to be build.

“You get a guy like the #1 safe guy on RAW is Randy Orton it’s like no matter what in Vince’s mind Randy Orton’s made and no matter if people like Randy Orton or not I mean, he’s a good worker, I mean he’s a star forever, Vince sees him as a star. He’s got what he wants and he thinks that when things get bad Vince always reverts back and you know it’s tall guys with good bodies — that’s what he reverts to and not great workers unless they can somehow get over immediately.”


It was noted that in the environment with zero live fans it’s impossible to get the same reaction and tell if something is working. All of these things played in to Vince McMahon decision to lose his patience and fire Paul Heymam.

The idea of pushing Superstars and giving them time just wasn’t an option anymore. Paul Heyman’s show became more about building toward the future when Vince McMahon needed something right now.

All of this also played into why Vince pulled the trigger on Edge vs Randy Orton II early.

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