The Undertaker’s legendary WrestleMania winning streak will likely never be duplicated. Brock Lesnar received the nod from Vince McMahon to break the streak, but Taker wasn’t totally sure about it.

While speaking to CBS Sports, The Undertaker admitted that Brock Lesnar didn’t need to the WrestleMania winning streak. He was already a huge star.

The Undertaker still went through with things as Vince McMahon requested. He just wanted to make 100% certain that Vince McMahon wanted The Undertaker to lose at the show of shows. Breaking Taker’s WrestleMania streak could have been given to someone who needed it much more.

“Obviously, in Vince’s mindset, if it’s not Brock, then who? My biggest concern was I just wanted to make sure that [McMahon] was sure and that’s what he wanted to do. I didn’t feel like Brock needed it. Brock was already a huge star, and it wasn’t going to help him one way or another. My only concern was there might have been someone down the line that could have benefited from it more and that probably would’ve been Roman later on.

“That’s with hindsight being 20/20. But if I was going to get beat by someone, Brock was a guy who had the credentials, I think, to do it and people would be like, ‘Um, OK, s–t, that’s Brock Lesnar.’ That was my biggest deal. I just wanted to make sure that’s really what [McMahon] had wanted to do.”

Edge had to turn down the idea of breaking The Streak. Brock Lesnar obviously saw no issues following through with Vince McMahon’s orders. A lot of fans still wish that he would have decided to let Taker win.

It seems The Undertaker picked Roman Reins as the one who should have defeated him. Who you think should have handed the Deadman his first loss on the grandest stage of them all? Sound off in the comments below!

Felix Upton

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