Drake Maverick’s Wife Renee Michelle Says Women Should Never Offer To Pay On A Date


Drake Maverick’s wife Renee Michelle has a very strong opinion about picking up the check on date night.

Michelle recently posted an Instagram story which you can see below. This post was a screenshot from a conversation about women reaching for their purses when the check comes while on a date.

It was stated that no woman should ever reach for her purse to pick up a check. This presents a “masculine energy.” Renee Michelle agreed with this comment big time as she wrote at the bottom of her story:

You are educating men this way that it’s “okay” to expect a woman to go 50/50 or pay for him. It’s not ok, at least not if you want to be a feminine woman. When you pay for a man you step in to a masculine energy.

Mrs. Maverick also wrote: “Stop with the bad habit of reaching for your purse!” on the top of her Instagram story.

At times like these we have to wonder if Drake Maverick was ever able to consummate his marriage. At least we know Maverick is picking up the check when dinner is over.

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