WWE Forced To Cancel Top Title Feud


WWE had to nix plans for a big match recently that could have been a lot of fun to see play out on television.

Jinder Mahal returned from injury just around the time his former 3MB stablemate Drew McIntyre picked up the title. Wrestle Talk reports that WWE was set to position Mahal vs McIntyre in a WWE Title feud, but the Modern Day Maharaja’s recent knee surgery caused a change of plans.

Paul Heyman had big plans for Jinder Mahal on his brand, and there were plans to have him feud with former stablemate Drew McIntyre over the WWE Champion at some point in the future.

This rivalry was reportedly not going to be a long-term feud, but it would have seen the two mix it up.

Now McIntyre is carrying the WWE Title into Backlash against Bobby Lashley. There are very strong rumors that WWE might crown Lashley as their champion as well.

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