The Revival are no longer in WWE so they don’t have to worry about winning Vince McMahon over anymore. Those memories from WWE are still going to stick with FTR forever.

While speaking with the Jim Cornette Experience, Dax Harwood opened up about an experience with Vince McMahon where he insulted them. The Top Guys just had a match against The New Day that they were very happy about. All that changed when they stepped behind the curtain and entered Vince McMahon’s sight in Gorilla Position.

We had a match with New Day. We were so… all four of us came to the back, we were so proud of this match, and we loved it so much. We were happy because it wasn’t an action-packed match, it was a match that told a great little story. The fans got behind it and they loved it. We came to the back and Vince was waiting right in the middle of the Gorilla with his hands in his pocket.

One thing I’ll never forget he said, he looked at me and Cash and he said, “Everyone tells me you are the next Arn and Tully, you’re the next great tag team. Well, that’s the problem, you guys aren’t Arn and Tully, you’re just great professional wrestlers.” And to me and Cash, we took that beaming with pride, he meant it as an insult. So I’m thinking to myself, ”So you’re comparing us to two of the greatest of all time who have drawn a s**t-ton of money in this business and you’re meaning that as an insult?

FTR have yet to sign actual AEW contracts. They are currently working under a handshake deal. Vince McMahon’s insults are in the past. Insulting FTR by comparing them to Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard ironically pushed them to join AEW where those two members of the Horsemen were already employed.

Thanks to Sportskeeda for the quote

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