Daniel Bryan worked his way up the indies. He had quite a full career before The American Dragon decided to give WWE a try. He had plans to transition into a normal life if it didn’t work out.

While appearing on WWE Backstage, Daniel Bryan discussed some of the old times with CM Punk. Daniel Bryan also admitted that it rubbed him the wrong way how WWE booked his matches against the Second City Savior.

Daniel Bryan also spoke about the freedom being on the indies provided him and how he “actively didn’t want to go to WWE.” This was a decision he obviously eventually decided against.

“I actively didn’t want to go to WWE. I liked the DIY aesthetic as far as liked being in control of my own schedule and ‘okay I’m gonna take a couple weeks off here. I’m gonna do this thing, or I’m gonna watch a Seahawks game with my dad, whatever. You know all of that kind of stuff.”


Bryan said he remembered when CM Punk signed with WWE. He thought “if they give him a shot they’re gonna blow them away.” Bryan didn’t think that about himself because WWE was promo heavy at the time. He considered himself “actively bad” at promos.

It wasn’t until he got a “decent amount of injuries” before he said that he either has to look at WWE or choose another life path. Daniel Bryan spent 2009 training in MMA and working hard to get in WWE. His backup plan was to go back to school and cut down on his wrestling dates until he got a real job and led a normal life.

Daniel Bryan arrived at a point prior to coming to WWE that he gave wrestling one more year. He liked the freedom of being on the indies, but as the injuries racked up for him. Luckily, he gave pro wrestling one more year because things turned out for the best.

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