AEW Double Or Nothing included a spot that gained a lot of attention from some fans, but not for the best reason. Reby Hardy is speaking out now to clear up any confusion regarding similarities to Shad Gaspard’s death and her husband’s “drowning” spot during the Stadium Stampede match.

We previously reported that some of Shad Gaspard’s friends were “uneasy” about the “drowning” spot that Matt Hardy did at Double Or Nothing. Reby Hardy fired back at those accusations. Shad Gaspard was their friend. It was heartbreaking to lose him. On top of that, Matt Hardy has been using a reincarnation in the water gimmick for half a decade now.

Matt has *MAGICALLY TRANSFORMED* in water as part of a GIMMICK for over 5 YRS now & this moron wants to try it. Shad was OUR FRIEND. We been heartbroken & shook tf up since it happened YOU DIDNT EVEN F*CKING KNOW HIM. Stop the faux outrage & f*ck ALL THE WAY OFF. A f*cking REACH.

And while we’re at it. F*ck these people too. There was no “drowning angle”. There was no drowning, period. THERE IS A LOT ON TV TO UPSET ABOUT THIS WEEK BUT THIS AINT IT.


People were very touchy after Shad Gaspard’s death, and it’s understandable. He was an amazing man who died like a hero and he will never be forgotten. The image of someone laying face-down in water might be hard for someone to see, especially after just losing someone like we did with Shad Gaspard.

Felix Upton

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