Darby Allin is a captivating individual who reminds Matt Hardy of his own brother Jeff. Even the Charismatic Enigma Jeff Hardy doesn’t have a story like this one.

While speaking to Chris Van Vliet, Darby Allin discussed his appearance on a television show long before his exposure on AEW. He actually somewhat exposed himself on a TLC show called “Sex Sent Me To The ER.”

Darby Allin explained that the title of the episode he was on was called “Birds & Bees.” He had quite an experience that led him to that television appearance.

Allin explained that he was “really f*cking broke” spending $10 on groceries for a week’s worth of food from the Dollar Tree. Then he had a great idea.


“There was this show ‘Sex Sent Me To The ER’ and I wrote in with this fake-ass story about hiking in the woods with a grandma and then we were making love and then we rolled over on a bees’ nest and we thought it was like dead — the nest was like there were no bees in there — and then the bees came out and attacked us.”

The story was fake, but it got Darby Allin on television. He said TLC thought it was real, and why wouldn’t they? Then Allin realized that he needed to find someone to play the grandma that he was supposedly having relations with in the woods.

Darby Allin found an actor on Craigslist to play the grandma. He made $800 and got to stay in a nice hotel. The story might have been a total lie, but there was nothing fake about how excited Darby Allin was to get that $800.

Here’s the clip from the show with Darby and the “grandma” he hired.

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