WATCH The Undertaker Drop F-Bomb In Hilarious WWE Outtake

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The Undertaker has three words for most of his opponents: Rest In Peace. The Deadman had a different idea when shooting a promo for his match at WWE Super ShowDown.

The Undertaker Last Ride docuseries included a hilarious outtake that has never been seen before. Kane and The Undertaker were setting up their match against Triple H and Shawn Michaels in Saudi Arabia. Then Kane pitched it over to Taker to deliver his three words.

Instead of saying “Rest In Peace,” Taker said, “Go F*ck Yourselves.”

Taker’s sudden profanity caused the crew to bust out into laughter as Kane did a DX crotch chop to put the cherry on top of this outtake.

This is exactly the kind of content that fans didn’t expect to see in the Last Ride docuseries. It was very much appreciated though.

You can check out the finished product below. It looks like they were able to get a TV-PG take out of The Deadman eventually.

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