The Internet Wrestling Community is a turbulent place, much like the rest of society. Differing opinions and clapping back at unfavorable responses fills the timelines of many fans. Lance Storm is tired of the stooging.

Storm made a point on social media recently. If someone has 50 followers, let them stay in a vacuum yelling at 50 followers. If a verified Twitter account with thousands of followers responds then that many more people will be aware of that negative tweet.

If someone says something negative about someone and does not Tag them they are only voicing their opinion/ignorance to those who follow them. If you then retweet and Tag that someone, you are the one causing harm and spreading “hate”. #StopStooging

If some dude with 50 followers or a podcast no one listens to says I’m a piece of [poo emoji] and suck, I’ll never know or care. If you Tag me and tell me what they said you are worse than they are. #Instigator #PotStirrer #Stooge


The subject of online harassment and bullying brought back to the forefront of conversation following Hana Kimura’s suicide. That was a tragedy and people do need to be nicer. Following Lance Storm’s suggestion of not replying is a good first step.

Felix Upton

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