Which Music Video is Eminem’s Most Popular?


Eminem is about to reach a huge milestone for a music video he released about 10 year’s ago.

“Love The Way You Lie”, which is off Eminem’s ‘Recovery’ album, is about to reach 2 BILLION video views on YouTube — making it Em’s most popular video over his 20+ year career.

Megan Fox along with Rihanna are featured in the video and was shot by Joseph Jun-hee Kahn. Kahn previously worked with Eminem on his “Without Me” song off The Eminem Show.

Eminem’s “Not Afraid” holds the second position with 1,397,109,873 views. The third place is for “Rap God” who hit its first billion recently.

You can check out Eminem’s top 10 YouTube music videos below:

1. Love The Way You Lie — 1.99B
2. Not Afraid — 1.396B
3. Rap God — 1.05B
4. Without Me — 914M
5. When I’m Gone — 767M
6. The Monster — 698M
7. Smack That — 613M
8. No Love — 490M
9. Mockingbird — 489M
10. The Real Slim Shady — 446M

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