Vince McMahon is full of ideas. Some of them are best left in his head because this gimmick never saw the light of day. Goldust left WWE behind when he joined AEW, but he had a lot of history with Vince McMahon’s company. A few stranger angles didn’t happen, but they would still be talked about today if McMahon would have been able to pull them off.

Grilling JR recently featured a very interesting conversation with Jim Ross. He was discussing the Goldust character and his dynamic with Marlena, his wife at the time. Vince McMahon wanted to go all out with being androgynous and he wanted Marlena to wear a plastic penis under her dress that would go unmentioned.

“Goldust was created to be polarizing. You know, it was very polarizing and when we put and is even going to be more so, Vince was all in this, the Attitude Era coming along with the sexual characters, this androgynous guy. Was he really androgynous? Was he gay, Was he straight, Was he bisexual? We had no idea. But it was a very unique presentation to the point, and I told this to Terri Runnels one time and she was appalled, probably appalled at me.”

“I’m not sure. But Vince had an idea to have to give her a prosthetic penis to wear under her attire. Something that was never [to be] talked about. Nobody said anything. It was never focused on. It was just there. Luckily, cooler heads prevailed and that never made air and it never even happened. She wasn’t aware of it. There was a thought at one time about really going… ‘Well we’re going to go all the way, let’s go all the way.’ No, let’s don’t If we go all the way, we’re gonna step off of a cliff here. I don’t want to fall off a cliff. We don’t need to be falling off cliffs here. Let’s get close to the edge, but not quite step over it.”


It might have been really hard for Marlena to wear a plastic package protruding from under her dress and have people ignore it. Pro wrestling fans are very observant, after all.

We’ll never know how a gimmick like that would have played out. The Attitude Era was full of controversial booking decisions, but they almost had another big one under Marlena’s dress.

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