Edge Reacts To Fan Saying He Should Have STAYED RETIRED

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Edge will be on WWE RAW this week to answer Randy Orton’s challenge for a stipulation-free pro wrestling match at Backlash. This will be an important episode of RAW and Edge is taking it seriously.

The Rated R Superstar sent out a social media plug for his appearance on RAW. One fan commented to his post saying: “In what alternate universe do you start the feud with a Last Man Standing match and end it with a ‘straight up’ wrestling match? Lol you should have stayed retired. Bogus.”

Edge’s response was well thought-out. In the end, nobody know what Edge really has planned.

“You have no idea what I have planned. And because of that you have no idea what you’re talking about. Does EVERY story you’ve ever read or movie you’ve watched play out the same? Because that’s sounds boring as hell to me. So you can complain, or quit being that jaded ‘smart fan’ and just try and enjoy something and watch the power paradigm shift and play out.”

We’ll have to wait until RAW this week to see what Edge really has planned. WWE fans should realize at this point that he is a rather unpredictable individual. He is also capable of a lot so never underestimate him.

What do you think Edge has planned for Randy Orton? Sound off in the comments below!

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Answer tomorrow

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