Paige Shows Off Tan After Living In Bikini For 80% Of The Time In Isolation


Paige is out in California and taking isolation very seriously. She also got quite a tan in the process.

Since Paige is in California there isn’t much to do except get a tan. This is something she was happy to do and she was even more happy to show off the tan she gained in the process.

Quarantine got me in a bathing suit 80% of the time. (Which is very unusual for me) Probably the most tanned I’ve ever been

Paige is still on WWE Backstage, but she’s spending a lot of time playing video games and laying by the pool. She also curses a lot while playing video games on stream.

She uploaded two photos. The second one was put through a rather interesting filter. You can check out both pictures below and let us know which one you prefer in the comments!

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