Brie Bella Voices Concern About ‘Drifting Apart’ In Marriage With Daniel Bryan

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Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan’s relationship has been open for public view since they first got together. There isn’t much that WWE Superstars can do to hide from the fans. During this season on Total Bellas the two showed a very candid side of their relationship.

TVInsider recently spoke to Brie Bella about some of the relationship issues that fans will see in season 5 of Total Bellas. Brie Bella spoke about opening up to fans and showing this side of their marriage that isn’t so glamorous. There is real doubt of happiness in their relationship just like with so many other couples. They left that in the show to represent fans who understand these problems as well.

“So it’s reliving a lot of those moments again together and having these feelings come back. You’re never prepared for reality television or what is going to happen.”

“[Bryan and I] never had the intention of showcasing our marriage the way we did this season. What happens when the cameras are on, [producers] start to realize what is really going on. It’s like, “Wow, are you and Bryan distant? Are you and Bryan happy?”

“You start to ask these same questions and realize I’m not happy. We are distant and evolving differently. But Bryan and I put on a brave face and show this part of our marriage because we do believe a lot of married people who have kids go through this.”

During the video preview from Total Bellas, Brie Bella is shown saying: “I feel like Bryan and I are drifting further apart and we both look at relaxing differently and I can tell it bothers him.”

It’s hard to imagine Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan drifting apart too much, hopefully the two will be able to work out any issues that might arise.

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