Pentagon Jr & Fenix Deal With Fraudster Claiming To Be Their Father

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You never know who could be related to someone when they claim to have a famous person in their family. Pentagon and Fenix have a pretty bad problem with that going on right now.

A pro wrestler in Mexico is going around claiming to be Fenix and Pentagon Jr’s father. Fenix and Penta are brothers, but this man is not their father. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported that Pentagon Jr. has been going around and trying to tell everyone that this guy isn’t the real deal.

There was a wrestler in Mexico claiming to be the father of Fenix and Pentagon Jr., but Pentagon said that they were not related and it was a scam

It wasn’t noted if this guy is doing any damage by claiming to be the Lucha Bros’ daddy. Pentagon did say it’s a scam so this guy might be looking for cash from fans. It could certainly get annoying, especially if he is out in their circle claiming to have a connection with the famous AEW stars that he doesn’t.

There are much better ways to earn clout than to claim your kids are on television.

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