Steve Austin Fires Back After Fan Says Wearing Face Mask Is Communism


Steve Austin is well aware that the novel coronavirus is a threat and he’s doing his best to stay protected. One recent masked selfie from the Rattlesnake brought the ire of a skeptical fan.

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin needed to run some errands in Los Angeles and he was sporting a custom Alabama mask. It was a little small, but he still liked it.

Running errands on the Mean Streets of LA. Friend of mine made me this custom @alabamafbl mask. The mask is cool but she made it a little too small. So it cuts off the circulation to my ears. My ears are actually crimson. Since she is a @clemsonfb fan, I figured she ribbed me on purpose.

A fan spoke up and declared that Austin was falling into a communist trap by wearing a face mask to protect himself from COVID-19.

The mask goes against your reputation! Stay strong, be a rebel, and do not conform! Cool mask, but strip off the communism!

Steve Austin promptly responded by saying: “Shut up dude.” If Austin was close enough to this fan he might have given him a Stone Cold Stunner too if it weren’t for social distancing.

Plenty of fans jumped on Austin’s side as his “shut up” comment has over 400 replies on Instagram as of this writing. What do you think about masks? Are you wearing them? Sound of in the comments below!

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