WWE Turning Former WWE Champion Babyface


WWE needs to try different things during this time with slumping ratings and an evolving roster. It appears that Jinder Mahal is getting a tryout as a babyface.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer brought up Jinder Mahal’s interesting booking as WWE Champion. He was a heel in America, but a babyface in India. That didn’t seem to work out. Now it appears that WWE is going to allow Jinder Mahal to be a babyface on American television as well.

“Maybe they’ll do it this time around where they’ll say that we can’t have him doing heel things while kissing up to India let’s actually have him be a babyface this time for India. It’s an attempt. It’s something different.”

Jinder Mahal was a very menacing heel on television. He drew heat from crowds and his run as WWE Champion was actually more more profitable than Seth Rollins.

This could be an interesting time in WWE, especially for Jinder Mahal.

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