WWE Stopped Backstage Practice That Helped Improve Superstar Performances

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WWE Superstars use a lot of things to help them improve their in-ring work. They cut out one thing that used to be very helpful.

While speaking to Chris Van Vliet, Hurricane opened up about something that WWE used to do while he was a Superstar. They don’t sit around catering and watch matches while taking advice. For some reason, that practice was totally abandoned which is something that helped him greatly.

“There was a time in the business that if you were on Monday Night RAW, Tuesday when we would normally record SmackDown they would have a monitor in catering and everybody’s around watching their match from Monday night before, having a veteran sitting beside them or an agent going over their match, watching them and instructing them. That disappeared and that’s a huge mistake because that is one things in WWE that helped me more than anything, watching that.”

Shane Helms stated that it can make someone stale if they aren’t aware of what they’re doing in the ring. Fans can cheer for a Superstar even if they have a bad match which can reinforce bad performances.

It’s unclear what caused Superstars to stop this practice. Perhaps WWE’s changing television schedule made this impossible, but it certainly helped out Hurricane Helms.

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