Otis Reveals His Grandmother’s Interesting Connection To Pro Wrestling

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Otis is an interesting entertainer to watch in the ring and his life gets more fascinating as one dives into his past. He opened up recently about being bullied when he was a child. His family linage is worth researching as well.

While speaking to Sports Illustrated, Otis revealed that his grandmother used to wrestle in carnivals back in the day.

Otis, whose real name is Nikola Bogojevic spoke about his grandmother who was 5’5 and 285 pounds. He didn’t specify if she traveled with the carinval circuit as some did, but it is pretty great to know that kind of pro wrestling history is in his blood.

“We’re all short and stocky on my mom’s side. My mom was raised by my great grandmother, who is our connection to wrestling. She was a big Greek woman—5’5, 285 pounds—and wrestled in carnivals back in the day. She passed away before I was born so I never had the chance to meet her, but my mother always tells me how proud she would be of me. I was really proud to represent my family this week, especially since Sunday was Mother’s Day and last Thursday was my mom’s birthday.”

Otis never got to meet his grandmother, but there might be more to this story.

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