Angel Garza Continues To Tease Split Of Zelina Vega’s Faction

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Last night on Monday Night RAW, we had our first glimpse at what could wind up being the eventual break-up of Zelina Vega’s blossoming faction.

Despite the fact that things have been going incredibly well with Angel Garza, Andrade and Austin Theory, it appears as if WWE is leaning towards the idea of them all going in separate directions.

Garza, right now at least, appears to be at the forefront of that movement.

From comparisons with Eddie Guerrero to his in-ring ability, it’s safe to say that Garza has the potential to do some big things on the main roster in WWE.

Still, while he could easily thrive on his own, this faction is really helping him to slowly but surely get the kind of exposure he needs to reach the next level.

He’s good, but under the guidance of stars like Andrade and Vega, he could be great.

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