WWE Nixed Long-Term Rey Mysterio Storyline

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WWE will nix a storyline for many different reasons. They tried to incorporate Rey Mysterio’s son Dominick in plans on a few occasions, but one thing or another caused them to cancel those plans. Now they might not get back to him.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, they brought attention to the fact that Dominick Mysterio hasn’t been seen in a long time. Then Dave Meltzer noted that the storyline was dropped without any reference to it.

“It’s been dropped. If this was a company who paid off storylines then it’s coming back, we just have to wait for it.”

It appears that Dominick isn’t likely to get that WrestleMania moment with his father. Rey Mysterio’s WWE contract is up before the end of the year. If he wants to bring his son in for a program that might have to be part of his new contract negotiations.

How would you have booked Dominick in WWE? Sound off in the comments below.

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