Vampiro Teases Career Announcement After Asking For Help Getting Into WWE

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Vampiro sent out a request for fans yesterday and they responded. He’s never been in WWE, but Vampiro noticed that he’s on the WWE Network and the alumni page. Vampiro wanted to fix this so he asked fans for help.

He must have received a lot of responses for this request. Vampiro tweeted out a big thank you on the following morning. He stated that he will make a big announcement soon to explain his pro wrestling future. Apparently, he’s got some things in the pipeline.

Thank you for all the cool response about the post I made yesterday about me wanting to go to @wwe . I will make a video this weekend explaining what is gonna happen, where I will be working in the wrestling industry and , what else is about to go down! Thank you!

Vampiro could be very beneficial for WWE, but it’s unclear if they are hiring anyone right now. The company did just go though huge company-wide budget cuts that left 40% of their employees without a job.

Where do you think Vampiro will go next? Sound off in the comments below!

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