Paige Reacts After Fan Wishes She Were DEAD


Paige is loved by many fans, but some might have a different opinion. One recently wished death on her and she did not appreciate that at all. This didn’t cause her to share the same feelings about them.

The first-ever NXT Women’s Champion tweeted out a reaction after a fan tweeted out a picture of a guillotine wishing that Paige’s head was inside it.

Wait so you wish death upon me? Well I don’t for you. I hope one day you finally build the confidence you so desire and become happy within yourself so you don’t continue to bring others down. Have a wonderful day.

Paige handled this situation far differently than she would have a few years ago. She is very happy with herself and where he is in her life. Paige credits a lot of things to her transformation including cutting out booze. She only wished that this fan can find the same peace of mind that she has.

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