Vince McMahon Tried To Stop Nancy Argentino From Going To Police About Jimmy Snuka Abuse


Jimmy Snuka and Nancy Argentino’s story is getting a new focus. Vice’s “Dark Side Of The Ring” shined a huge light on this possibly forgotten story from WWE history. New information doesn’t put Vince McMahon in the best light at all.

A new report from Mel Magazine uncovered a police report filed against Jimmy Snuka after assaulting Nancy Argentino. Snuka was arrested for this in 1983, but Vince McMahon tried to squelch Argentino’s testimony.

Four months following Snuka’s third arrest for felony assault, Nancy Argentino was dead. She died due to a skull fracture. The claim was her head hit a stationary object. Snuka wasn’t arrested for her murder for decades.

In 2015, Snuka was arrested, but he was deemed unfit for trial due to his health issues and the charges were dismissed.

This recently uncovered fact about McMahon trying to convince Argentino not to testify came to light from an investigation into her murder by the Whitehall Township Pennsylvania Police Department. It was stated in the report that “Vince McMahon tried to talk her out of making the complaint against Snuka.”

Sergeant Peter Bronstad, one of the officers involved now states that he doesn’t remember Vince McMahon’s involvement. He does remember “a shorter, older man wearing a hat” who claimed to be Snuka’s manager as he tried to post bail. It was said at the time that Snuka was needed to wrestle on the next night.

It was also claimed in the report that after Snuka was arrested on January 18th, 1983 that at least two other police officers witnessed Snuka attack Argentino that night.

Cynthia Porter was an officer in training at the time. She recalled hearing Nancy Argentino crying: ““No, no, don’t do that!” from outside the room before her backup (Bronstad) arrived. Bronstad wrote in his affidavit:

“I moved to the other side of the doorway and saw a woman on the bed against the north wall of the room lying down crying and huddled in a fetal position. At this point, [Snuka] attempted to close the door[,] but I started to talk to him about letting us in or her out. At that point, he opened the door further and walked towards the rear of the room, and the female got up wrapped in a bed sheet. She moved away as he strode toward her. At this point, he began to yell that if she wants to leave[,] go ahead. So I told her to come on out and she ran past him. As she did, I moved in front of the doorway and the male ran towards me and struck me in the chest area with his left forearm and pushed me against the wall. Recovering from that[,] I observed that the male had grabbed the female by her hair and was dragging her face along the wall (north) of the building. I got one handcuff on the hand he had the female by the hair with[,] which was his right hand[,] and after several seconds of struggling with him[,] he released his grasp on the female.”

Bronstad added that Argentino “complained of neck, head, back and hand injuries.” Deputy Lawrence Witter stated in another statement that Argentino had “a bruised right thumb, contusion to the neck, possible fractured ribs and injury to the lower back.”

This is a very dark story and one of the saddest in pro wrestling. We might never really know what happened, but fans are now piecing a lot of clues together. Jimmy Snuka was a top star for Vince McMahon at the time. Apparently, he didn’t want this story getting out.

What do you think happened with Jimmy Snuka and Nancy Argentino? Sound off in the comments below!

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