Matt Riddle Proves He’s Still Staying Sharp With His MMA Skills

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When Matt Riddle was let go by the Ultimate Fighting Championship, many wondered whether he’d continue to thrive in the world of mixed martial arts in another promotion.

Alas, while he may have made a few moves here and there, Riddle made the decision to jump ship to professional wrestling where he is now considered to be one of WWE’s fastest rising stars.

However, that doesn’t mean he couldn’t step back into the Octagon one day if he so desired.

Riddle is one of the most intriguing characters WWE has right now, and the fact that he has such a legitimate background further showcases just how dangerous he can be.

If he ever did get the match against Brock Lesnar that he’s been gunning for, you just know that it’d be one hell of a brawl – but based on recent evidence, it doesn’t appear as if Brock is all that interested.

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