Kevin Owens Questions WWE’s Editing Decision

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Kevin Owens appeared to be on quite the roll in the wake of his win over Seth Rollins at WrestleMania 36, but an injury appears to have derailed his momentum – for now.

Yesterday he celebrated his 36th birthday, and as a result, WWE decided to put together a compilation video for him.

Alas, Owens wasn’t all too pleased with the end result.

This is probably nothing more than a light-hearted response, but in a deeper sense, it is fascinating to see how much WWE’s value of Owens has continued to rise over the years.

Ever since he debuted in NXT, he’s been on a rocket ship to the moon – and while he hasn’t held a world title since his Universal Championship run, it feels like just a matter of time before he’s holding gold once again.

When he returns, KO has the potential to be the biggest babyface in the company.

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