Jeff Cobb Reveals Why He Didn’t Sign With AEW


AEW had a big surprise planned when Jeff Cobb showed up as the Inner Circle’s secret weapon. He lost to Jon Moxley, but that set up a lot of rumors as well.

Jeff Cobb recently sat down with the ROH Strong podcast. He explained how his AEW stint came about. Rumors run wild online and plenty of people thought he signed with the company. He had no intentions of leaving ROH. He simply wanted to bring more exposure to the company.

“I mean, to be honest with you? January 1st, my contract did expire with Ring of Honor. And I made it very clear that I would like to stay and work with Ring of Honor because I believe in the company, and I believe in the direction that we’re going. And especially the talent, like, the talent is ridiculous. So my goal was to stay, but this opportunity came up and I took it. And I feel it was good for both parties. Because now, people are talking. People that only watch AEW are like, ‘Well, I thought Jeff is Ring of Honor?’ Or some people are like, ‘What’s Ring of Honor?’ And then they come over and look at Ring of Honor, and now there’s more eyes that wouldn’t have been on Ring of Honor that are going over now. So I think it helped everybody in the grand scheme of things. And t was fun, you know. Good pay day.”

Jeff Cobb was asked if AEW did anything secretive to try and sneak him in the building. That wasn’t the case at all. A few people knew that Jeff Cobb would be there that night, but most of the roster just saw him when they showed up to work.

“So it was weird, because nobody knew that I was coming. There’s maybe five or six people that knew I was coming. Cody Rhodes knew, because I was in contact with him. And Moxley knew because I was, you know, beating him up. There’s maybe five people that knew. And I was pretty much, I came early because I had to do some behind-the-scenes stuff. And then you know, everybody that came in during call times are like, ‘What are you doing here?’ kind of thing. And it was fun. It was fun messing with them, so it was a fun time.”

Jeff Cobb might return to AEW eventually. He didn’t seem to burn any bridges. He seems quite happy with his decision at this juncture. He is certainly a valuable asset where ever he decides to apply his trade.

Do you think AEW should have signed Jeff Cobb? Sound off in the comments below.

Thanks to 411 Mania for the quote

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