Possible Spoiler On Huge WWE Money In The Bank Spot


WWE filmed the Money In The Bank matches weeks ago. They had plenty of time to edit the match together and it will be spaced out over the course of the pay-per-view. There will also apparently be a massive spot in the match.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that there is word going around that a big fall will be part of the match. It was also stated that Vince McMahon demonstrated this act for them.

There have been descriptions from people who were aware of the taping of Vince McMahon showing whoever was supposed to go off the top that they had set it up safely and he demonstrated it.

Becky Lynch revealed that Vince McMahon jumped off a tower during Money In The Bank’s taping. This match will likely include a couple big spots. So, keep a close eye on any dangerous situations during the show.

Since the big matches were filmed weeks ago, it’s obvious that nobody was fatally injured because they’ve appeared on television since then.

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