Maria Kanellis Posts Revealing Photos From Her Husband’s POV

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Maria Kanellis and Mike Bennett were released from WWE on April 15th along with so many others. The two didn’t skip a beat and have continued doing their own thing.

It didn’t take long for Maria Kanellis to get “back to work” and post revealing photos, click here to check that out.

Maria Kanellis posted a new set of photos today to give fans an idea of what her husband sees. This particular occasion happened to be laundry day.

Laundry day… from Mikes POV

Maria Kanellis and Mike Bennett are not done in the pro wrestling world. They are simply waiting for the indies and Japan to re-open like everyone else. In the meantime, it’s good to see that Maria Kanellis is able to keep busy. We’re also fortunate that Mike Bennett is able to be her photographer.

Did WWE make a mistake by releasing Mike and Maria? Sound off in the comments below!

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