WWE Asking Fans How They’re Doing With Storylines

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WWE is constantly sending out new surveys to gather as much information as possible. They sent out a new survey that was very interesting, and it included three WWE brands in this questionnaire.

The WWE Fan Council sent out a very short survey this week. They asked fans to rate RAW, SmackDown, and NXT’s storylines and matches. Prior to asking how they are doing, they asked a qualifying question regarding if the participants actually watch the shows.

It is interesting that this survey didn’t go into specifics. They usually provide options for participants to pick their favorite angles or Superstars from the shows. This was not part of the survey this time.

WWE’s main roster shows are now drawing below 2 million viewers a week. They obviously need to figure something out. Hopefully, this short survey will help them.

They asked two pages’ worth of questions and then the survey was over. Apparently, they just wanted to get a quick gauge on how they are doing overall.

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