Plans For WWE Superstar Return Cancelled Due To Backstage Pressure


WWE has many former Superstars that they could bring back for a variety of roles. MVP’s recent return to the company proved that they can make very good use out of Superstars who haven’t been around for a while.

Epico recently spoke to Super Luchas about his time in WWE. He also revealed that Vince McMahon was on board to bring Carlito back to WWE at one point. Plans fell through, but it was going to happen at a certain point.

In an interview translated from Spanish, Epico stated that the root of the issues could have been backstage political pressure. When Triple H called Carlito he gave him a rock-bottom NXT contract offer and said “take it or leave it.”

“We talked with Vince, Michael Hayes was behind us and give Vince this signal: The OK signal. Sounds good. Sounds great. So we (Epico and Primo) said: “So let’s bring Carly (Carlito)!”

“But in all this process, 3 months happened and, politically, other people with power within WWE [interfered]. I don’t know if Carly made this person mad, but when he (HHH?) called Carly, he just offered him the money [on the level of a] development contract. Take it or leave it”

“So Carlito said, ‘No. I don’t need the WWE, the WWE needs me’. “So we understand that there was something interfering between us and Vince because we have a great relationship with Vince.”

“One day we were talking with the Director of Talent Relations (Mark Carrano). We asked him about Carly, but he told us that Vince has not given the ‘OK’ so we told him: ‘Let’s go to talk with Vince! He’s there!’”

“He was afraid of that, but we said to him, ‘Yes! We have confidence with Vince.’ So we grabbed him by the arm and we go to Vince’s office. He’s on the phone and we asked him about Carlito and Carrano asks “What are we doing with Carlito?” And Vince made this signal (Thumbs up). Vince approved the idea, but after several weeks we realized that Carlito’s return to the company was no longer going to materialize.”

The Colons were released from WWE along with so many others on April 15th. Carlito has yet to make a return to the company either, but that’s not to say it’s an impossibility. Some things might need to improve for him backstage before that can happen.

Would you like to see Carlito make a WWE return? Sound off in the comments below!

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