EC3 Has A VERY Interesting Take On Cameo Videos

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EC3 was released from WWE when the company went through massive cuts. He dropped a video promo shortly after his exit from WWE where he discussed how they dropped him when a pandemic hurt the company’s bottom line. Now EC3 is inviting others to join the narrative.

The former WWE Superstar is determined to spread his message. For the price of $100, EC3 will welcome someone as they control their own narrative. He will then give someone a homework assignment that will lead to self-improvement.

This might be an account on Cameo, but EC3 made it very clear that this is not a Cameo account in the description of his page.

This is not a Cameo. This is your indoctrination into The Narrative. ecI|I will initiate you with homework and liberate you from your past to free yourself for the future #ControlYourNarrative 

So far EC3 has one video on his Cameo as an example. He yelled at a fan to stop wasting his life on Instagram. EC3 stated in his example video that his Cameo cost $50. Apparently, he upped the price since then.

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