WWE Banned Word Caused Confusing Situation On RAW


WWE confused a few fans on RAW this week. The Street Profits battled the Viking Raiders on the show and the RAW Tag Team Champions lost. A lot of fans were under the assumption that this was a match for the titles, but it wasn’t.

Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that they are building toward a RAW Tag Team Title match. Obviously, it wasn’t booked for last night. It was made more complicated because the RAW announce team couldn’t use a word that would have cleared up any confusement for fans.

“There is a word that you’re not supposed to use the word ‘non-title,’ right? Because that’s one of the forbidden words.”

It was noted that “they don’t have a term, they just have to wait until it’s over.” There is probably a word that WWE can figure out to use so fans know what is going on.

If the WWE RAW announce team would have been permitted to tell fans that they were watching a “non-title match” then things wouldn’t have been so confusing. They weren’t allowed to use that term so when the Street Profits were defeated clean a lot of fans were pretty confused why Michael Cole said: “They just beat the RAW Tag Team Champions!” instead of announcing new title holders.

What is your favorite banned word in WWE? Sound off in the comments below!

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