Scott Hall Calls Session Moth Martina A ‘Dumb B*tch’ Over Broken Boobjob Promise


Scott Hall is a WWE Hall Of Famer and many fans have memories of The Bad Guy in the ring. Session Moth Martina remembers Hall for a very different reason.

Martina replied to a tweet featuring a picture of Hall that asked “What comes to mind when you think of this man?” Session Moth Martina only had one thing to say because Razor Ramon apparently promised her a boob job once upon a time, and he never delivered.

He once offered to buy me a boobjob on Twitter but never followed through

Martina also included a sad emoji. Scott Hall didn’t think this tweet was too funny. He replied back and called her a bitch while saying she needs a personality transplant.

You need a personality transplant you dumb bitch

This was a pretty big shot from Scott Hall. Odds are Martina isn’t getting that boobjob any time soon.

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