Matt Hardy Looks Forward To His AEW In-Ring Debut


While Matt Hardy may have been a part of the AEW family for a while now, he hasn’t actually had an official in-ring match with the company yet.

Alas, it appears as if that’s going to change sooner rather than later, as he prepares to team up with Kenny Omega to face off against The Inner Circle on Dynamite.

It’s safe to say that The Broken One is excited about making his presence known this Wednesday night.

Questions have been raised regarding whether or not Matt will be able to ‘hang’ with some of AEW’s top stars, but the nature of his character means that he doesn’t really need to.

As long as you add some smoke and mirrors into proceedings, fans are going to continue getting behind the ‘woken’ nature of Matt Hardy.

It may seem crazy, but Hardy could end up having some of the most entertaining matches in AEW history.

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