Jerry Lawler Comments On Re-Opening His Restaurant During Pandemic

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Cities are making the decision all over to re-open their businesses. Jerry Lawler’s Hall Of Fame Bar & Grille in Memphis is opening back up. This should come as no real surprise because Lawler was very eager to get back to work on WWE RAW.

Lawler’s Hall Of Fame Bar & Grille tweeted out that they are “complying with all regulations from the City Of Memphis, we will reopen today with social distancing measures in place.” They urged people to be aware of their surroundings and can’t wait to see their patrons again.

The King quoted this in a retweet as he stated that they are slowly getting back to normal. They are at least going to try.

Trying to slowly get back to normal.

The coronavirus pandemic is still infecting people and there is no vaccine available. No antibody test is widely available and states are struggling to get testing. Hopefully, if society re-opens with COVID-19 in mind and people practice safe social distancing it will help slow the spread while they work on figuring out how to defeat this disease.

There are currently 1,192,906 confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus in the United States and 68,957 deaths.

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