Ricochet Reveals Why He Hates Baseball Because Of ‘Ready To Rumble’

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Ready To Rumble is 20 years old this year. That is a pretty big accomplishment considering the fact that we’re still talking about it today. Liv Morgan wants a sequel and David Arquette seems to be full of great ideas for it.

The movie made $12.5 million in the box office and cost $25 million to produce. Ready To Rumble lives on as a cult classic to this day for many reasons. For Ricochet, it brings back a painful movie which causes him to hold a grudge against America’s Favorite Pastime to this day.

True story.

When I was younger. Ready to Rumble was supposed to come on I think TNT after this Baseball game. But the game went into like 11 innings….

They never played Ready To Rumble.

Hated Baseball ever since.

There is no real talk about Ready To Rumble 2. A few people are certainly kicking around the idea. During isolation it’s always fun to play “what if?”

That’s not to say that it’s not a possibility given how nostalgia is Hollywood’s new cash cow. The COVID-19 pandemic needs to clear up first because any real productions can get going again. This situation is holding up a lot of projects that has already set some studios back years.

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