Renee Young Reveals How Much Underwear She Packs While Traveling — And It’s A LOT


Renee Young stays active with her job in WWE. She is often traveling around and packing her bags. The problem is that Young is apparently really bad at packing her luggage.

The WWE Backstage host revealed that she has trouble knowing what the pack in her suitcase. She typically ends up with a few essential items, a ton of face cream, and 400 pairs of underwear. Also, she can never forget active yeast because that stuff is hard to find.

I literally don’t know how to pack my bags anymore. 8 sweat pants, 1 evening gown, 16 hoop earrings that sit on the bottom of the bag and i never wear, 400 pairs of underwear, 19 pairs of shoes, every face cream I’ve ever owned, and one laptop just loosely thrown in.

Also i packed 5 packets of active yeast bc you can’t find that s%#?! anywhere these days.

Renee Young made it to the WWE Performance Center for the last batch of television tapings. Mrs. Jon Moxley had to make the journey from Las Vegas to Orlando. Her husband is also going to make a trek from Vegas to Florida for AEW’s Jacksonville tapings on Wednesday.

Young is not doing WWE Backstage live in the studio anymore as the show is webcam based for the time being. Hopefully, Renee Young will be able to develop a system soon enough because the traveling is likely to continue for a long time.

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