Cody Rhodes Doubles Down On Promise To NEVER Challenge For AEW World Title


AEW has one top title, but Cody Rhodes can’t compete for it again. He had a shot against Chris Jericho and he lost. The stipulation of that match was that Cody will never get to challenge for the AEW World Title again. He’s sticking to that promise.

A fan tweeted out and asked the American Nightmare if he will ever consider going back on that stipulation. Rhodes replied that he had his shot, and he intends on following-through with the consequence.

No. I gave my word. I had my shot.

Jon Moxley said he doesn’t care about the stipulation about Cody. Obviously, Rhodes does care and he says he won’t be stepping up to the AEW World Title again.

We’ll have to see if this is a device to create a long-term storyline to eventually get Cody Rhodes back into the AEW World Title picture as he comes full-circle. That might be way down the line because Cody Rhodes seems set in his beliefs at the moment.

Do you think Cody Rhodes deserves another AEW World Title shot? Sound off in the comments below!

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