No Way Jose Didn’t Want To Rip Off Adam Rose’s Character In WWE


Adam Rose debuted from NXT with the Exotic Express that followed him around. His Rosebuds decided that they weren’t going to be lemons. Once upon a time, No Way Jose was a Rosebud. Eventually, Jose was leading his own line of strangely dressed fanatics to the ring with a conga line. The similarities were certainly noticed.

While speaking to Inside The Ropes, No Way Jose stated that he didn’t want to be a rip off of Adam Rose. He was once a Rosebud as well and that made him a bit apprehensive about doing a similar gimmick.

“It made me very apprehensive. First off, I wasn’t trying to knock Adam Rose because I was a Rosebud. I think I put my information online on some talent thing on their website… It wasn’t my ideal situation. I felt like with Adam and myself it was about the Rosebuds and the conga lines until he got rid of them, that’s where the focus was. In NXT, I did my entrance on my own and I got the people up and stuff and we partied; that’s what it was all about.”

Adam Rose has since retired from in-ring action, but No Way Jose is only getting started. He wants to debut more of a serious character when he steps into the indies once again. This could be an exciting time, but don’t expect to see him leading many conga lines.

Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quote

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