Rusev Jokes About Losing Lana To Bobby Lashley After EXTREME Video Surfaces


Bobby Lashley wants to make sure that he’s in shape and ready for anything. This includes a visit to the chiropractor every now and then. We’ve never seen this technique used before.

Lashley recently visited his chiropractor and he used a rather extreme form of treatment. This certain method involved an act that made it appear Lashley was getting a tent pole staked into a very uncomfortable area.

All of this was to make sure that The All Mighty is limber and ready for action. Rusev saw this video and commented saying: “And that’s why I’m not worried at all!”

Miro’s wife Lana does still pal around with Lashley on television. Rusev and Lana are still married in real life. Apparently after seeing this video Rusev isn’t worried about losing his wife to Lashley.

You can check out the video of Bobby Lashley’s inventive visit to the chiropractor below.

Would you get this procedure done? What do you think about it? Sound off in the comment below.

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