Former WWE Superstar Says Brain ‘Turns On & Off’ Due To Concussions

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Ricardo Rodriguez was way more than just Alberto Del Rio’s personal ring announcer. Rodriguez is also a pro wrestler and has taken many bumps in the ring.

The former WWE Superstar recently tweeted out about his concussions. He said they will live with him forever and his “brain turns on and off.” He’s good now, but more research must be done about concussions.

My concussions will always live with me. I cant tell you guys enough how much i love you. My brain turns on and off. Chill.. im good.. but please research concussions more

The human brain is a very fragile thing. Studies are also discovering more about the brain as time goes on. Perhaps a day will come when concussions aren’t an issue, but they will continue to be woven into the fabric of professional sports for a very long time to come.

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