Curt Hawkins ‘Dying To Make Towns Again’ After WWE Release


WWE released several on-camera talent on April 15th. Curt Hawkins is now Brian Myers once again, and he is set to take on the indies. The problem is that there are no shows currently running.

Myers did what a lot of recently released WWE Superstars did. He stocked up his PW Tees store up with new merchandise. Now he’s waiting until the day comes when indie wrestling returns.

He sent out a tweet about how much he’s loving his new merchandise. The former Hawkins thanked fans for their support and stated: “I’m dying to start MAKING TOWNS once again.”

Odds are Brian Myers will make lots of towns on the indies once he gets started. The novel coronavirus put a halt to the indies, but the pandemic is the reason why Brian Myers was released from WWE in the first place.

It will be interesting to see if Brian Myers stays on the indies for long. His veteran experience and ability could be very attractive for a company once they are in a position to think about signing new talent again.

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