The Revival Make Their Mission Clear After WWE Release


The Revival are no longer in WWE, but their mission is still the same. They want to be the greatest tag team in the world, jack. They’re done settling for second best and now they’re going to prove it on their own.

We’re not certain where Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler will land just yet. There are enough hints that AEW is a possibility. Harwood wanted to make it more than clear that they are going to be the best and no other team will outshine them. It doesn’t seem to matter where they go.

We won’t let any other tag team outshine us. With as much humility as I can muster up, there’s no one on this planet better than us. We want to be the greatest to ever do it.

There is a lot of stiff competition out there. AEW’s tag team division is teeming with talented teams waiting for their opportunity to perform on bigger stages. It might be quite a fight, but it it’s nothing the Top Guys haven’t dealt with before.

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