Triple H Reflects On #HHH25 Celebrations

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The celebrations surrounding Triple H’s 25-year anniversary have been a lot of fun, although that ‘fun’ has also been mixed in with some pretty confusing moments, to say the least.

The Game has been at the forefront of WWE programming in the last week or so, as you’d probably expect, and that theme looks set to continue as we look ahead to an unknown future for WWE.

As it turns out, he was pretty happy with how it all went.

HHH isn’t going to be officially done as an in-ring competitor for quite some time, or at the very least, that feels like the right direction to head in.

He’s still got a whole lot left in the tank, and it’ll be fascinating to see whether or not he’ll become a more regular member of the main roster given what’s happening.

Either way, it was the best possible celebration for one of the very best.

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