Some WWE Superstars Take Big Pay Cut During Coronavirus Pandemic

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WWE is still in the middle of adjusting to a new normal like so many others. They must secure the future and their Superstars re obviously a big part of that. The company has to be able to pay them as well.

It was noted during Wrestling Observer Radio that WWE tried to keep their payroll on the lower side of things due to the lack of live events. The loss of live events has changed how the company does business as Vince McMahon remarked that WWE may never be in the live event business again.

Meltzer continued to note that WWE Superstars are paid an agreed upon amount each quarter based off of the number of live events they do. At this time there are no live events so that cuts out a lot of their income.

When Superstars sign with the company they choose whether they want to be paid bi-weekly based on their downside guarantee, or based on live event pay and royalties. If that number doesn’t meet their downside guarantee at the end of the year, the Superstar gets a check for the difference. Things have changed a lot due to COVID-19.

Since WWE Superstars have no live events to make additional money, some are making a lot less. They also aren’t traveling the country with merchandise stands so royalties are affected as well. Braun Strowman noted that he wasn’t making any money without live events.

If WWE live events don’t come back, will you miss them? Sound off in the comments below!

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