Released WWE Superstar Is Going Totally Different Direction With His Character


WWE axed a number of on-air talent on April 15th. They also got rid of over 100 backstage and office staff. When he finally gets a chance to make his return to the ring things will be much different for No Way Jose.

While speaking to Inside The Ropes, No Way Jose revealed that he has a much different plan for himself on the indies. He is ditching the smiling No Way Jose character and plans to get more serious.

Jose said, “It’s tough not because now I have to either try to go back into that [character] or try to come up with something completely different.’ He added, “As good as the character was for me in terms of making a living, I don’t want to continue that character. I just feel like it did what it did and if people want to book me for that or whatever, it’s gonna be possibly one off or whatnot but I have so much more to show. I have a more serious side, I have an aggressive side.”

The conga line is gone and it doesn’t look like Jose is looking to start it back up again. This could be an interesting time for his career as he is afforded the opportunity to reinvent himself. Let’s just see if a much more serious version of No Way Jose will start to take over the pro wrestling scene once things are permitted to reopen.

What you do you think about No Way Jose as a serious character? Sound off in the comments below!

Thanks to Wrestling News for the quote

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