The Rock Remembers Meeting One Of His Favorite Heels For The First Time


John Stossel was a much younger journalist when he went backstage at a pro wrestling show and asked Dr. D if wrestling was real. The slap heard around the world answered his question, but it also opened up another world of legal issues.

The next episode of Vice’s Dark Side Of The Ring plans to take a deep dive into Dr. D Save Schultz’s life like fans have never seen it before. The Rock remembers Dr. D as one of his favorite heels. Dwayne Johnson has already seen a rough cut of the upcoming episode and he gave it his big approval.

This man was one of my all time fav heels (bad guys) in pro wrestling and an influence on me when I first shook his hand in Hawaii when I was 12. I’ve seen an early cut of this episode and highly recommend you watch, if you have any squared circle DNA in your blood. #DrD

Dwayne Johnson grew up in the pro wrestling business. He remembers Dr. D Dave Schultz for way more than just slapping a reporter even though that was his biggest claim to fame.

It will be interesting to see how the pro wrestling world reacts to even more subjects like this being explored. Vice ordered more episodes of the popular pro wrestling series. They are also considering taking a look at the Dark Side of other areas throughout culture.

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