Mike Bennett On WWE Changing Policy About Banned Moves

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WWE has a list of banned moves for a reason. Some maneuvers are just too dangerous to perform. Other moves remind WWE of Chris Jericho and can’t be done anymore. WWE’s policy to limit moves can sometimes hamper Superstars.

The Canadian Destroyer started popping up in WWE matches as of late, and that created an interesting question. Piledrivers are banned in WWE, but a flipping piledriver isn’t.

While speaking with Fightful, Mike Bennett talked about WWE’s banned moves. He discussed how the company limits so many moves that it can take away from what Superstars can do in the ring.

Mike Bennett is confident that WWE will eventually allow the piledriver once again. Kevin Owens is implementing the Stunner as his finisher now, but the former Mike Kanellis stated that WWE will probably give in and allow the package piledriver to be performed eventfully.

“I know the piledriver’s not allowed. I think they understand to a sense, especially with NXT, they understand where the way wrestling is trending and they understand that to still hook those fans they have to have those kinds of matches. There’s so many guys on that roster that can have those types of matches that it’s gonna be very difficult to tell them, ‘Okay, you have 20 minutes, but you can’t do this move, this move, this move and that move.’ So, I think it’s starting to leak in.”

“Honestly, and don’t quote me on this, but I would be shocked if you don’t see a piledriver soon. Or you don’t see Kevin [Owens] doing the package piledriver. Eventually they’ll go, ‘Alright, do it. Just do it. Leave us alone and do it.’ Because you just see every time someone says, ‘That’s never going to happen,’ it’s a guarantee it’s going to happen. Because that’s the way it goes. You start to see these moves leak in and leak in and leak in. So, yeah, I think before you know it, you’ll be able to do every single move you want.”

If WWE allows the piledriver, it will likely only be given to a select number of performers. The same is true for the tombstone as Kane and The Undertaker are the only two who are really allowed to perform that move. It takes a lot of trust to do a piledriver, especially with WWE’s history of major injuries due to the piledriver.

You never know what the future of WWE will look like. It might be possible that a day will soon exist where there are zero banned moves in the company.

Do you think the piledriver should return to WWE? Who should be allowed to use it? Sound off in our new and improved comments section!

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